How To Teach Your Kids To Love The Quran

Recently, we started collaborating with Maryam Masud, a thirteen year old hafeezah who hails all the way from New Jersey, USA. Her sister, Fatima is only 3 years old. But she too, can already memorize short surahs from the Quran.

We wanted to collaborate with Maryam and Fatima as both of them set good examples to kids and teenagers across the globe.

Not only does Maryam memorize the Quran and hadeeth well, but she is also a stellar student in school. Her favourite subjects are Math and Science. In her spare time, she likes to do gymnastics!

We asked her parents how they are raising their wonderful daughters. Here is what they are doing:

  • After Maryam was born, her parents always tried to play Qur’an recitations whether they were at home or in the car.
  • When Maryam started talking and walking, her mother was reciting short surahs in front of her while cooking and doing other errands. And playfully, Maryam tried to imitate her mother. That’s how she memorized most of surahs at a very tender age.
  • When Maryam was nearly 5 years old, she started to read and memorize the Qur’an every day even though it may have been few verses from the Qur’an. She would usually memorize 1 to 2 pages a day. Whenever they were in the car, her parents would play the surah that Maryam was supposed to learn.
  • Maryam’s mother teaches her tajweed. She has never attended any Hifz school.
  • At the same time, her father teaches her tafseer.
  • Her parents would try to take the kids to various Islamic conventions, lectures and events. Kids feel very encouraged in these environments and they really like to attend them.
  • Her parents also ensure that both of the children have enough playtime and fun. During Maryam’s break time, she plays games on her tablet. They go for long vacations a couple of times a year which the kids enjoy a lot.  

From our conversation with their parents, we can see that the parents try their very best to be good examples to Maryam and Fatima. Naturally, kids look up to their parents and if they are conditioned to do something without really internalizing the wisdom behind it, things would backfire.

Let’s all try our best to be the best parent we can be and raise our Muslim kids to the best of our abilities. Inshallah!

Catch our third episode with Maryam and Fatima Masud as they sing-along to “Assalamu Alaikum.”

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