Main Character


Omar is 6 years old, and a loving and protective brother to Hana. He is kind, creative and super imaginative. He likes sharp-toothed animals, and his special skills are drawing and inventing. He doesn’t like losing, and is scared of cockroaches and thunderstorms.


Hana is Omar’s little sister and is 4 years old. She’s messy, cheeky and loves attention. Hana adores soft and furry animals and is always following her big brother around and copying his actions. She enjoys sweet desserts and gets sad when ignored. She loves their cat, Mimi.


Mommy is a full-time housewife, and owns a successful online business. She’s usually very calm and loving, but can sometimes be very strict. She loves baking and taking pictures and selfies. She has a soft spot for sales and discounts.


Daddy works as a designer in the city and is very hardworking. At home, he is playful and emotional, sometimes dramatic and awkwardly funny. He loves gardening, and is the number one fan of Mommy’s cooking. His biggest weakness is when his boss calls, and watermelons.

Side Character

Ustaz Musa

Ustaz Musa is very knowledgeable and loves to tell stories. He teaches religious studies at Omar & Hana’s school. He is extremely patient and loves making classes interactive and fun. He can sometimes be absent minded. He is Omar & Hana’s neighbour. He can speak Hindi.

Miss Laila

Miss Laila is from Ireland, and needs her morning coffee to wake up. She is kind, soft-spoken, and loves sports especially basketball. She teaches at Omar & Hana’s school. The children love her classes as they do lots creative things. They also like to play jokes on Miss Laila as she panics easily.


Indra is a friendly, cooperative and helpful 6 year-old boy from Indonesia. He is also very observant and witty. He’s scared of heights so he doesn't like flying in aeroplanes. However, his passions are ships and eating – spaghetti bolognaise, bakso and all types of noodles.


Sufi is a 6 year-old Irish boy, who lives with his aunt and uncle. He sadly lost his parents in an unfortunate incident when he was smaller. Despite his challenges, Sufi loves his friends and is usually the peacemaker among them. He is also very reserved. He loves eating lasagne and his favourite toy is Bobot (a robot which was his father’s final gift).


Nuru is a 5 year-old girl from Jamaica. She is naïve and sometimes blur, but very outspoken. However, when put in the spotlight, she gets stage fright. She loves monsters and is known for her signature monster stomp. Her favourite foods are burger, sausages and bunny chow.


Sara is a top student. She is a perfectionist, focused and soft-spoken. She loves flowers, and has OCD. This means that when things are not in the right place, she will be the first to correct it. Her pet peeves are messy places, messy people and messy food. She thrives when cleaning up and loves eating sushi because it looks pretty and organised.


Faris is a 6 year old Malaysian boy. He is very outgoing, expressive, active, but sometimes impatient. He is a scaredy-cat - and jumps when he sees insects and big animals. He loves eating and playing. His pet peeves are complicated plans, sitting still and green veggies.


Mimi is Omar & Hana’s pet cat, who just loves playing. Mimi’s a very active cat, and is special as she can sometimes understand humans. She doesn’t like cold water but loves chicken drumsticks.


Lisa is known as the animal whisperer. She loves and adores animals (except squishy ones), and is totally against animal cruelty. A born leader, Lisa is the class rep, which suits her as she likes being in charge. She’s originally from Sweden, and her parents are vets. Her favourite food is fish salad.


Grandma is Daddy’s mummy. She’s still super active and a logical thinker. She enjoys observing human behaviour, and cannot stand naive thinking. Omar & Hana are her favourite people in the world (other than Grandpa of course). Grandma is a masterchef, and loves home-cooked meals.


Grandpa is Daddy’s dad, who loves inventing things. He is a talented carpenter. Grandpa loves entertaining Omar & Hana, and is fun to play with - he gets emotional and panics easily. Cleanliness is his number one priority, and he hates viruses and bacteria. His weakness is Grandma and quick movements. Grandpa’s family is originally from Canada, but after marrying Grandma, he now loves Malaysian food.

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